Sweet Toast "Slime-On" Supply Kit – Slimeatory

Sweet Toast "Slime-On" Supply Kit

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This kit does not include glue or activator! You must pair this set with the Base White set to create the slime in the picture.

Slime-On supply kits are specifically designed to make awesome themed slimes! Be sure to check our site for new and exciting Slime-On kits added weekly!

This kit is an add-on to the Base White set. When paired, this kit will be able to create the Sweet Toast slime pictured.

This Supply Kit Includes:

  • 1 jar of Toast fimos
  • 1 jar of Moon Blue pigment
  • 1 bottle of Brown dye
  • 1 package of White Magical Clay
  • 1 package of Brown Magical Clay
  • 2 Slimeatory Jars (8oz each)