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Playing with slime isn't just entertaining; it's a stress-reliever, a creative outlet, and even a bit of a science experiment! It's the perfect product for unwinding, getting artsy, and sharing with friends; just keep it safe and enjoy the squishy goodness!



The base of all slimes! It’s the original slime consitency, which has a soft texture and is very stretchy! You can also create bubbles with these slimes and if you poke it, they make a really satisfying clicking sound!


With a base of clear glue, you’ll be able to see a through it when stretched! Just like basic, it’s one of the original textures. It shares the same attributes; except clear! After a lot of play it might lose it’s transparency, so let it sit for a bit!


Butter slime is a very spreadable and stretchy consitancy, like butter on toast! Create amazing slime swirls, as Butter slimes keep their shape longer than others. It is one of the least sticky textures, which makes it very easy to play with!


Cloud slime has gained popularity because of how soft, easy to play with, and satisfying it is! When you stretch this slime, it will drizzle down like falling snow! Like the Butter slime, it’s also one of the least stickiest textures!


Cloud Cream is, you guessed it, a mixture of Cloud and Butter slime! Due to the combination, it gives it a thicker texture that can retain its shape, while also being able to drizzle and be stretchy. Very satisfying!


The crunchiest of all slimes! It gets its crunchiness from the different types of add-ons that are in the slime. These add-ons vary from Bingsu beads, to plastic snow, and many others! Its texture also makes amazing ASMR!


If you like a lot of satisfying noises, this Floam slime is for you! With floam slime, you will be able to create sounds by just stretching and playing with it! It has a bumpy, but soft texture, and is one of the best sensory textures of slime!


Jelly slime has a thick and jelly-like apple sauce texture! It’s semi see-through, as its base is clear glue. It also feels amazing to poke and stretch. It’s easier to play with than clear slime, but still has all of the great characteristics!


Jelly Cube is like Jelly, but with a twist! It has the same consistancy as Jelly, but with fun little squishy cubes added in. The cubes will soak up the slime, and once squished, lets out a burst of gooeyness, another perfect sensory slime!


Jiggly slime is exactly what it sounds like, it is jiggly. You can jiggle the slime, or simply poke it and watch it jiggle. Jiggle Jiggle Jiggle!