DIY slime bar

Show off your creativity at the DIY slime bar by creating your very own unique slime!

Steps to make your DIY slime

Choose your texture

Choose your desired texture of slime, our most common ones are Regular, Clear, Butter and ice cream slime, we also offer special textures on weekends.

Choose your scent and color

Choose your scent from a wide selection of over 25+ scents, you can also combine the scents to make thousands of different combination. Choose from any color you want by simply choosing a color or combining colors.

Add 5 toppings

Add 5 toppings, all inclusive in the price. Choose from over 50 different toppings to add to your slimes From foam beads, sprinkles, charms and glitter. Our toppings change weekly so make sure to stop by and see what we have!

Create a label

Lastly, and most importantly, you can choose a name for your slime and create your own custom label printed on the spot!

Menu and prices