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Best Ways To Fix Your Hard Slime

Best Ways To Fix Your Hard Slime

Best Ways To Fix Your Hard Slime

So, you have over activated slime. That's not a problem! We’re going to go over all the ways to fix your hard slime.

If your slime looks like the one shown above, you definitely have some over activated slime.

1. Use Glue or water to melt the slime

When slime is hard or over activated, it means there is just too much activator to glue ratio so a quick way to solve the issue is to use glue to get to correct ratio. Just add glue and mix and knead until your slime is to your desired consistency.

instead of glue you can use water, however using water will thin out your slime and make it a different texture.

2. Use lotion 

You can use lotion to soften your slime, be careful on how much lotion you add as adding too much lotion can melt your slime back to glue. with an 8oz of overactivated slime we recommend adding a teaspoon of lotion at a time.

3. Enjoy your fixed slime


  • I added both glue and warm water into my over activated slime, but nothing is happening!

    Shunammite on

  • didn’t really work

    Andrea on

  • Safita loves u !!

    Maryam Soliman on

  • When do you restock on your slime kits

    Geena Basile on

  • I❤️SLIME

    Claire Talarico on

  • So I tried all of them but I hilly recommend Lotion it works wonders so ya

    Leilah on

  • Hi Ameerah sorry if I spelled your name wrong but when I watched your vids and I’m sad they make me happy!

    Aria on

  • Its the best way to fix slime

    Jojo on

  • I love you amira

    Malak on

  • I love you amira

    Malak on

  • 𝘊𝘰𝘰𝘭

    𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘥𝘰𝘯 on

  • U can also just add lotion 🧴🧴 right??

    No name 📛 on

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