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how to make Crystal clear slime

How To make CRYSTAL CLEAR Slime

How To make CRYSTAL CLEAR Slime

Elevate your slime shop to new heights with our foolproof Slimeatory recipe for creating crystal clear slime that you or your customers won't be able to resist! In this article, we'll walk you through three simple steps to produce mesmerizing, thick-water-like clear slime. Get ready to attract attention to all your friends and/or boost sales with this crystal clear sensation!

slimeatory slime glue with slimeatory pro activator

Step 1: Stock Up on Ingredients for Your Slime Shop
Ensure your slime shop is ready to shine by stocking up on the following essential ingredients:

for a 8oz of slime you will need

- 8 oz clear glue (we recommend using Slimeatory clear glue as it is thick and crystal clear)
- Slime activator (Slimeatory pro activator is best but you can make your own as well)
- Quality mixing bowl
- Airtight 8 oz containers

Now that your slime shop is equipped, let's dive into the steps that will set your crystal clear slime apart from the competition!



Make sure that your hands, your utensils and bowls and everything the glue/slime will be in contact with is super clean, even the slightest dirt might make the slime foggy and not crystal clear. 

Pouring clear glue into a bowladding activator to clear glue

Step 2: Mix and Activate for Clear Slime Brilliance
Begin by pouring 8 oz of top-quality clear glue into your mixing bowl – the foundation for your crystal clear masterpiece. Next, carefully introduce 1 oz of your slime activator, ensuring thorough mixing after each addition.

clear glue that looks white because its not cleared yet

The way you're going to get some crystal clear slime is with patience! Stir for a minimum of 2 minutes before deciding whether to add more activator. This gradual process allows the activator to work its magic, transforming the glue into the crystal clear allure your customers or friends will crave. Continue the patient approach until the slime achieves the perfect conssitency. You'll see that your slime will turn white from clear, but don't worry if you keep following these instructions you'll have some crystal clear slime soon! 

clearing up slime

Step 3: Preserve the Brilliance in Your Slime Shop

Now at this point your slime is not clear, it is filled with air bubbles and it looks white more than it looks clear, FEAR NOT! That is the normal process to making clear slime, your slime is done and all you need is to have EVEN MORE patience as the bubbles need to rise to the top to escape, and once they all escape you will be left with some crystal clear slime. To make sure your slime stays nice and fresh you need to seal the deal by transferring your slime into airtight containers. These containers are not only essential for preserving the slime from hardening but also to keep any dirt away 

Now comes the waiting game – let the slime sit in the airtight container for a full week. This crucial step allows the slime to settle and reach its peak clarity. The result? A product that will leave your customers coming back for more!

crystal clear slime in a jar

crystal clear slime being poked
Congratulations on unlocking the secret to creating stunning crystal clear slime for your slime shop! Now, let the sales pour in as customers marvel at the clarity and quality of your unique thick-water-like slime. Showcase your creation proudly and watch as your slime shop becomes the go-to destination for crystal clear slime enthusiasts!


Don't want to wait a week for clear slime? Then you'll want to read our upcoming article on how to make INSTANT CLEAR SLIME! 

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